Friday Favorites: Tis the Season

Friday, December 18, 2015

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend! The weekend before Christmas every year Justin and I host a Christmas cocktail.  We are very excited to have friends and family over this weekend to celebrate my most favorite holiday! We are also having breakfast with Santa tomorrow morning and on Sunday my family is coming over to bake Christmas cookies! We are busy busy, but it's all FUN things! Here are my favorites from the week! 

ONE: Holiday Afternoon Tea

Last Saturday I had another Christmas tradition that makes my friendship with this girl so wonderful. Every year I go to Holiday Tea with Katie, one of my good friends and we spend the afternoon together talking about our families and kids. This is so special to us because the tradition started before we ever had kids, while we were both pregnant with our first babies, and will continue to eventually include our daughters when they're older.  I look forward to this time every year. There is something about sipping hot tea and munching on scones near a Christmas tree that just warms my heart. I love it.

TWO: Great Christmas Light Fight

Last Christmas my family came down with a bug that had everyone bed ridden. One awesome thing that came from that lost Christmas and being stuck in the house was watching a marathon of The Great Christmas Light Fight. I just love watching this show and hearing the stories of the families that do such a lavish light display every year. I was so excited to see it start again this year!

THREE: Elena's Pigtails 

I've always looked forward to the first time I would put my daughter's hair in piggies and this past week I finally did it. When Justin came home he said, "I didn't think she could get any cuter." He was so right!

FOUR: All Fired Up Nail Polish 

I don't have my nails done as much as I did before kids, but when the holidays til around I love to have little pops of festive color! Classic red for Christmas is one of my faves and I love the way this Sally Hansen color looks. It'll be a keeper through Christmas for me!

FIVE: Christmas Morning Menu Planning! ❤️

When Justin and I got married we knew Christmas morning was going to be in our house. Growing up we always did Christmas morning in our own house... seeing what Santa brought, opening presents, staying in our Christmas jammies, and watching A Christmas Story on rerun. My mom always had a special breakfast for us and its always been important to me to make the same memories for my kids. I love planning Christmas breakfast. I like to have a savory, a sweet, a sausage tray for snacking, and a fun drink for Justin and me. This year I am adding THIS easy, sweet recipe to the menu and am so excited to try it!
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  1. Cinnamon french toast bake?! That sounds amazing!

  2. Happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by my blog! That afternoon tea sounds so special and relaxing What a great way to catch up with friends! We also do Christmas Breakfast at our house, and it's one of my favorite traditions!

  3. Everyone has been talking about the Christmas light show, I so need to watch it! Have a great weekend :)