A Letter to My Little Boy

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dear sweet boy, 
Ever since I found out about you joining our family on January 3rd, I've thought of you every day. The anticipation of your arrival is growing for all of us as my belly gets bigger and each day goes by. I think about the day you'll make your appearance and how you'll change our family. You are a part of my dream come true. I always wanted you. From before I knew you were even conceived. Your daddy always knew you'd be a little boy that he could teach all about manhood. I have been so excited for your brother to have you to play with and your sister to have you to nurture when I'm not there. 
You are coming into a big family with lots of love and you are in for a lot of fun. Although I am so ready to see your handsome face, I am relishing in all the time I have carrying you. Even when your brother and sister make me crazy and I escape to the grocery store, I remember how I still get to have you with me and it makes me smile. I wish you could remember being so close to my heart and the time that you grew into a little person ready for this world. I won't soon forget feeling you roll around in my belly and the excitement I feel with every doctor appointment when I get to hear your heart beat. 
I know that you will love being a part of our family. You'll love how your dad comes home from work and plays with you every day. You'll love sitting at the dinner table and laughing with your siblings. You'll love visiting your grandparents and cousins on both sides and hearing stories about when Daddy and I were little. You'll love sharing a room with your brother. You'll love Summer's at the beach and family outings during the year. 
I will love having you learn with your siblings about life, family, and Jesus. I will love watching you grow so fast and I'll wish it would all slow down. I will love feeding you at night and holding your hand. I will love all the time we spend together before you ever start school. I will love learning everything about you: what you like to eat, what toys you like to play with, what activities make you happy, and all about your personality.  Everyday with you is a gift for me and Daddy, even now before we've seen your face. Thank you for the joy you've already brought us. We are counting the moments until you arrive and this wild Schneider ride. 
Only a few more months, sweet boy! 

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