Ty's Third Birthday

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This has been the most exciting birthday party for Ty because it's the first one that he has completely understood is for HIM! All week long he couldn't stop telling me that all his friends and Daddy were able to come to gymnastics and have cake for HIS BIRTHDAY! 
When he took tumbling class, Justin and I knew his gym would be the perfect place to celebrate him because he LOOOOOVED it. This is his element. And I was totally on board with the ease of just bring a few things and not having to worry about a clean house and a ton of decorations to clean up.  It was a WIN-WIN for this pregnant mama!
Only days before the Paw Patrol party we planned, Ty informed me that he would be having a Spider-Man cake. Well, thank goodness for a procrastinating mommy, we were able to EASILY switch gears and get all of our Spider-Men in a row for the big party!
I found these shirt very last minute at Target and could not be more excited about them! It was such a great find for us and I mostly loved Ty and Elena matching for Ty's party. I thought they looked too cute and had to get me and Justin in on the action!
Here are all of the party guests lined up waiting for a fun afternoon:
The party started with warm-ups and dancing. But to be honest, these toddlers couldn't wait to get on the equipment! They did a great job being patient though!
Ty got to lead the party train to the tumble track for some trampoline and balance beam fun!
He showed off all his skills...
...and so did his sister! :)
Next came the obstacle course! Ty and his cousin Elle loved the bar! Little monkeys!
I snuck upstairs after the obstacle course to get the party room ready! We were all set with Spider-Man cupcakes, plates, napkins, and of course, a Spider-Man balloon!
The kids had the most fun in the pit! 
One of the best parts of the party was having Ms.  Kathryn, Ty's tumbling teacher come to surprise Ty. This was seriously like a celebrity coming for Ty. He's so lucky! 
Before cupcakes, the kids did the parachute! This was my favorite gym activity as a kid.
Next up was cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday to Ty!
Elena had to help her big bro out with the candle!
When we got home from the party, Ty opened all his gifts... well, most of them! He was so exhausted and overwhelmed with excitement, he only got halfway through the presents before he wanted to stop to eat his birthday pizza!
The best part of the day for me was the GIANT hug Ty came and gave me after the party. He was on cloud nine and had the best day! THREE IS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR! :)

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  1. Happy birthday to him! Looks like it was a great party. Love the matching shirts. There's a local gymnastics center where I live that a lot of my nieces have their birthday parties at.