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Friday, April 1, 2016

TGIF! I am so excited that it's Friday already because we have a BIG weekend of celebrating my boy's THIRD BIRTHDAY ahead! I am linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika today. Here are my favorites this from the week! Happy April 1st! Hope no one gets FOOLED today!

ONE: BJ's cupcakes

I cannot believe how affordable and delicious cupcakes from BJ's Warehouse are! I ordered some for Ty's birthday party for tomorrow and they are only $8 for a DOZEN! And these aren't small by any means. They are nice big delicious cupcakes. I know they kids (and grown ups) will love them! BJ's is my jam.

TWO: Spray bottles

The Easter bunny scored big with these spray bottles in the Easter baskets. Ty has spent every afternoon spraying all plants, cars, and things since Easter. It makes for a quiet, easy afternoon for me and a fun time for him. THANKS BUNNY! :)

THREE: Lemonade

Pregnancy craving 2153544252: LEMONADE! I can't get enough lemonade. I think maybe because the weather is gorgeous and an ice cold glass of lemonade is perfect for sitting outside with the kids, but whatever the reason... I LOVE IT RIGHT NOW!

FOUR: Watching these two love each other

This week we went to a Little Gym class with our friends and Ty and Elena loved running around together. We haven't been back to a class since Elena has gotten walking down and they two of them together were the absolute cutest. I am such a BLESSED MAMA!


Has anyone else tried these? I had a coupon for them so I thought we would give them a whirl. They are so easy and very tasty. Both of my kids loved them. They are like mini pancake puffs and they come in a bunch of flavors. And its a bonus that Ty gets to ask for "poppers". He loves that! 

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  1. Lemonade is the perfect craving! #LiquidCaloriesDontCount
    Have a great weekend :)