Confessions: spring, birthdays, and pregnancy

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I confess... allergies have taken full affect now and I still haven't gotten any allergy medication. Not because I don't want to or because I want to tough it out. Because I am lazy. And I haven't gone to the store. So I am miserably stuffy and carry a BOX of tissue around with me instead. Makes sense.

...Ty's birthday is Saturday and I still haven't done anything for it besides reserve the gym. I think I am just too excited to not be hosting it at our house and it feels like a cake walk, so I am completely unprepared.  Here's to hoping that I will actually do something for it today.

...I still haven't gotten Ty's birthday present. Add it to my list. For real, it's hard to find any time without the kids to do things like buy presents for them. Any other SAHM's have this struggle?

...this week I got ENRAGED at Justin over what started as him surprising him with an early birthday present.  Is this pregnancy and all it's hormones over yet?!

...I max out my two cups of caffeine per day EVERYDAY. I am a little worried my little man is going to be born doing cartwheels and I will have a little wild thing on my hands. We shall see.

...I've had anxiety this week about my 30th birthday. Not turning 30. I'm not scared of getting older. But scared that Justin will wait until the last minute to plan anything. And this would be completely my fault because it was my brilliant idea to leave it all up to him so I could "relax and enjoy." But I've come to realize what a control freak I am and how badly I want to plan it myself. I am working on relaxing. Really, I am.

...almost every day this week after we put the kids to bed, I have gone straight to bed myself. I'm talking 8:00pm. And I am not mad about it. Sorry, not sorry. I have 6 months left until I can't so I am LIVING IT UP!

Have a great Thursday everyone! I hope everyone can take a second today to stop and smell the flowers (and not have an attack from all the pollen.)

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  1. personally, i never think 2 cups is enough! the next time i'm preggo i think i'm going to trick myself and do like 4 cups of half caffeine so I can get more out of it! haha

  2. Giving up caffeine was the hardest. I feel like it was the time when I needed it most too.

  3. I drank my two cups of coffee almost daily when I was pregnant with my girls (identical twin girls). My girls are great and didn't have any issues. I needed coffee to stay awake. Ha. My allergies are crazy too and I haven't gotten any medicine due to being lazy.