Confessions of a pregnant mama

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I confess...

...I still have all my maternity clothes in a bin in the corner of my room. It's not bad to live out of a Tupperware for 10 months, is it?
...still haven't narrowed down any names for our baby boy. We are in no rush, clearly. HA.
... still haven't done any bedroom arrangements for our new addition. I think about it, yes... but no actions yet.

...we literally just did our taxes.. in the knick of time.

... I bought these Magnum Chocolate Bars and never told Justin before eating them. ALL. Oh geez. That was a big confession.
Image result for magnum ice cream

... that our infant carseat has been sitting in Elena's bedroom for weeks because we are too lazy to get it into the attic. How do people stay on top of things like this?!

... church with my kids gives me massive anxiety. When does taking them with us get any easier? Ever? Please tell me it is soon.

... we let Ty have two cupcakes on his birthday. Hey, he deserves a day of cupcake liberation. Just one though.
... I just now got this balloon down from our vaulted ceiling. We gave it to Elena on Valentine's Day. So it's been on our ceiling for two months.
...I was meaning to write a "Day in the Life" post this week, but never remembered to document a day in my life. That's my life.

Happy Thursday, friends! I hope that everyone has a fantastic day before Friday!

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  1. My maternity clothes have been in a big tub this whole pregnancy too! HA! I have hung up the few shirts I wear all the time- but other than that- in the tub they go! :)

  2. Haha!! I laughed out loud at the Magnum confession....I confess that I've done the same things with little treats. Oops.