Friday Favorites: April Happenings

Friday, April 8, 2016

Happy Friday! For some reason, I feel like this week just FLEW by! I can't believe its Friday already! We have a busy weekend ahead filled with birthday parties and even a monster truck show, but I am really looking forward to taking it easy with my hubby tonight once the kids are in bed. I love a good Friday on the couch with my man!
Here are my favorites from our busy first week in April!

ONE: Ty's Dentist Appointment

Our very first dentist appointment was a few months ago and Ty did NOT love sitting there with his mouth wide for the hygienist. But this time, he did such a great job! It was his first real teeth cleaning and he was so brave as his chair laid back and he put the goggles on his face. He did exactly as he was told and had a great visit. To top it off, he got a new mini soccer ball from the treasure chest. He was pretty pumped about that!


Yesterday I had my 20 week check-up for Baby Schneider #3! I cannot believe that we are halfway through this pregnancy already. Each pregnancy has gone faster and faster. Baby boy is happy, healthy, and right on target for his size. Thank you, God for an awesome mid-point appointment! Only 20 more weeks! WOOHOO!


When I ordered more cupcakes for Ty's party, I had in the back of my mind that if we had some leftover, we would share them Monday afternoon with all of Ty's neighbor friends. It was the perfect warm afternoon for testing our the new bubble wand that Ty got and eating a cupcake on the driveway. These kids crack me up when it comes to their sugary sweets! 


Elena has been trying to skip her nap here lately. I blame it on the teething/ allergies combo that's been happening. Late teething is no joke! Seriously, four teeth at a time?! Anyhow, one of our nap-free afternoons was spent with some girly pampering as we tested out polish on the toes. This girl knows the good life. She sat perfectly still and watching as I turned her piggies a summery shade of pink!


I initially went to Home Goods on the hunt for the perfect coordinating bedding for Ty and Elena's new room once baby brother arrives, but to no avail. I did, however, find this awesome sign for our newly transformed playroom! The size was perfect for this particular wall so I got it and am so glad I did. And to make it even more sweet, it only set me back $16! I love a good Home Goods find! 

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  1. Those little toe nails !! How adorable. I love your playroom acrostic too:) have a great weekend!

  2. Oh, poor girl! My son got all 4 1 year molars at once PLUS his canines and it was horrible. I don't wish that on any momma!

  3. Skipped naps are no fun. Darn four teeth. I hope they cut through soon and she resumes her daily naps for you - nap time keeps me sane! And I love that playroom rules sign! :)