Tis the season for crafternoons

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

We've been pretty busy with our crafting since the kiddos have been under the weather.  I've loved doing all of these with Ty this year and he is loving showing off all this work. At dinnertime, he will point to his new piece of art and tell Justin: "I made that!" So proud!
Cotton Ball Frosty
Something about cotton balls and a two year old. He loved putting the cotton balls on the paper. I barely had to tell him where the sticks, hat, eyes, and carrot nose went. He already knew!
Advent Wreath

I'm pretty sure that Ty's favorite part of this one was sticking the red holly balls on the wreath part. I loved teaching him what an advent wreath was and how we light to candles as we get closer to Christmas!
Salt Dough Ornaments

We've made these every year since Ty has been here. I love how simple they are to make and what a great keepsake they are. Ty loves putting his hand in his old ornaments to see how much he's grown!
2 cups Flour
1/2 cup Salt
1 tbsp Vegetable oil
3/4 warm water
Generally I've just added water until I get the consistency that I like.  Ty could spend hours playing with the salt dough. I let him go and then at the end we will make our ornaments.
I bake them at 200F for 4 hours. You can also let them air dry for days. Then I use acrylic paint to paint them and tie a bow on each to hang on the Christmas tree. I also like to add their name and age to the back.  Here is ours from last year:
Sun Catcher Christmas Tree
My friend Lori had us over to make these cute sun catchers (yes, ours is on the fridge, but you can put it on the window to see the sun through it).  We just cut green pieces of tissue paper and then had the kids arrange them on clear contact paper.  Once they were finished, we sealed the other side with another piece of contact paper and cut it in the shape of a Christmas tree. Ty's favorite part was decorating it with "ornaments". Lori got these cute foam stickers from Michael's.
Paper Towel Roll Christmas Tree
A fellow blogger, Alisha, posted this cute craft a few weeks ago and I knew that Ty would love it! I had to draw a triangle for the tree as a guide for him, but he loved stamping the green paint on the paper. Then I let him use glitter paint to decorate the tree once it dried.  We will use these as small Christmas gifts from him!

I have loved crafting with him for this season. Christmas and winter time provide for some of the cutest crafts!