Christmas Confessions

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

He's been here for weeks. Even the elf gave up! :)
I was catching up on my blogs one morning a few days ago and came across a post that really inspired me to share a small bit about my season so far. Jessica wrote her Christmas Confessions and I knew that I had some confessing to do also. Here are my confessions of the season:
  1. I started Elf on the Shelf this year and I haven't moved that sucker more than twice. 
  2. I was planning on wrapping all my presents before December first. I have yet to wrap one gift.
  3. My intentions were to do a Christmas card each day for Justin this year in December. I never got around to making them, so no Christmas cards for Justin.
  4. I ordered and received my Christmas Cards back in October, but still haven't sent out half of them. 
  5. Ty has watched Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas everyday all. month. long.
  6. I haven't followed my plans for Ty's crafts at all. We've only done the ones that I could get ready last minute. Thankfully he has no idea. HA.
  7. I had planned to write about having a restful holiday season, but that would've been a complete joke because I have not had one so far.
Still two weeks until Christmas so I am not worried about getting my cards out and wrapping my gifts.  It really just goes to show that you can have all the plans in the world and life can easily get in the way! I don't feel the least bit guilty though because here's what I HAVE done this Christmas season: 
  1. Nursed two kids kids back to health. Hand-foot-mouth is the WORST!
  2. Started a business and done 10+ photo sessions.
  3. Started working as a teacher at the church nursery.
  4. Raked our front yard only about 100 times because that darn tree dropped leaves every day! 
  5. Made home cooked dinners every single night of the week. No eating out means more cooking at home!
  6. Returned broken Christmas lights to Walmart and gone to Fed Ex with two kids in tow. Don't y'all think all places should have a service that brings items to your car or picks them up from your car so mothers don't have to unload their children every single time they need to run  a small errand? Just sayin'.
I hope that even if all of your holiday plans haven't played out the way you thought they would, your Christmas is still amazing, productive, and meaningful for your families!


  1. You are doing so many great projects - I am so impressed! The cotton ball snowman is my favorite :)

  2. You are doing so many great projects - I am so impressed! The cotton ball snowman is my favorite :)