Mommy Moments: Christmas Lights Edition

Monday, December 14, 2015

 Last week Justin and I took the packed the kids into the car after dinner and toured our town looking for the best Christmas lights. I remember back to last year when we took Ty for the first time. I was 8 months pregnant, so very emotional, but the magic of the night was enough to make me cry all by itself.  We pulled up to an amazing Christmas light show complete with the coordinating music and blinking lights. This house even had a hologram Santa in the window and, of course, a nativity scene.  As Justin pulled up to the house, Ty was ooh-ing and ahh-ing. I unbuckled him from his car seat once we stopped in front of the house and let him crawl up to my lap to watch the light show. I will never forget the sparkle in his eyes as he listened to the music and watched the thousands of lights blink and twinkle.  In that moment I knew that this was one of those special moments-- the very first time he had ever seen anything like it-- that made parenthood leaps and bounds more rewarding and fulfilling than any other job that I'd ever have.  I looked at Justin as my throat choked up and happy tears welled up in my eyes.  That moment that we shared with Ty was what Christmas is all about.

I couldn't wait to take Ty this year with his new sister.  We packed in the car and drove to that same spot.  As I unbuckled Ty, he was giddy with excitement to not only be out of his car seat, but also to see the light show.  Little Elena slept through it all, but Ty's excitement filled the car enough for the both of them.  It's these little mommy moments that are just as wonderful as all the big mommy moments.
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  1. It's always so magical watching little ones eyes light up when they see Christmas lights. Sounds like you all had great fun.

  2. What a special memory to share with your kids - even if one was sleeping :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. So special, I can't wait until my little boy will see the lights. Little too small this year, but next year he'll really get excited!

  4. So sweet. It's so wild what makes our mama hearts melt, isn't it? I love family traditions, but there's something even more special about Christmas traditions!

  5. Christmas lights with the littles is the best! Watching their faces light up is just precious. So happy you were able to link up with us!