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Friday, December 11, 2015

TGIF!! I don't know about you, but it was a very long week. Our house was infected by hand-foot-mouth and we have been couped up most of the week. I am ready for the weekend! Here are some of my favorites this week and reasons I can say that, although it was long, it's been a good week!
New Adventure: Linsley Schneider Photography Facebook Page 
I took a huge leap of faith and giant step outside my comfort zone this week.  Although I was (and still am) terrified and excited I launched my Facebook page for my photography. The amount of support from my Facebook family has been humbling and overwhelming!  This has been a dream of mine for a while now and with the encouragement of my friends and family, I am making it a reality. I can't tell you the last time I was so excited about something outside of my kids. I am at the starting line of a brand new adventure with a long road of learning and building ahead, but my heart is all in and I am praying for success. Please take a second and check out my page and like it if you want! You'd make my heart so happy! 

Little Partners Learning Tower

I have been drooling over the thought of having one of these since Ty could stand. They are a pretty penny and something that we hadn't made a priority in getting, but as much as my little guy loves being by my side in the kitchen, it's been on my wish list.  My amazing sister inherited one for my nephew and he rarely used it, so she passed it to us. I HIT THE JACKPOT! Ty is on it 24-7 and it hasn't moved from the island in the kitchen because he's not off of it long enough. He says "I love my stool!" I am so grateful for my sister and for this addition to our kitchen! 
Fried Plantains
I am spoiled when it comes to food on both sides of the family. My mother and my MIL love to cook and will make home-cooked meals whenever we visit.  Fried plantains are a treat that I've become addicted to since marrying into Justin's family.  We have them savory with salt and when they are a bit more ripe, we eat them sweet with sugar. This past weekend, my mother in law sent a plantain back with us, so I was able to fry it up for dinner mid-week. WHAT A TREAT!! I think I will start buying them on my own and have them more often!
Santa Pictures Through the Years
2014 ( I was pregnant with Elena)
Justin's parents have their Santa pictures dating back to when Justin's oldest sister was a baby. It is the coolest thing to look back at the kids through the years. These are our Santa pictures since Ty has been born and I LOVE looking at them.  My plan is to keep them in the same scrapbook that I keep our Christmas Card pictures in through the years. 
Airport Cafe
Earlier this week we joined our friends and went for lunch at a cafe at our airport that overlooked the plane runway.  It is surrounded by giant windows so you can see the planes land and take off. Some of them even pull right up to the building.  Ty absolutely loved being with his little buddy watching the planes.  And a bonus... a chicken nugget and french fries lunch was less than $3! SCORE! We will definitely be coming here more once the weather gets colder! 

Only two more weeks until Christmas!! The countdown is in full swing!
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  1. Those learning towers are so awesome! It's so nice to have little helpers in the kitchen :)