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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I have several friends who are having babies and about to head off to the hospital to experience the best day of their lives (jealous!) There are so many lists of what to pack in your bag for the hospital, some helpful, some just overwhelming! Here is the what I packed in my bag the second go-round, the stuff I actually used. With my first pregnancy, I packed the kitchen sink, and barely used half the stuff I packed! HA!
  1. A comfy change of clothes (yoga pants and t-shirt for me!): The first time around I packed a dress to go home in. The second time, it was a nursing top and yoga pants. I can assure you for my future deliveries, I will go with the yoga pants. :) 
  2. My favorite pair of socks: not because I was cold, but because it was something that made me feel more comfortable and at home.
  3. Snacks: These are mostly for my hubby. When we were ready to start pushing with our first baby, the first thing Justin did was run to the snack bag and shove pretzels in his mouth. He said he was carbo-loading for the delivery... hahaha. He's special. :)
  4. Phone charger: If not for anything else, for the texts to family in the waiting room once baby has arrived! 
  5. Camera: Make sure the battery is charged and the SD card is in there. Some of my most cherished pictures are from the moments Ty and Elena were born.  They change in their looks so quickly, so I could not get enough pictures while we were in the hospital!
  6. Pump (only if you are breastfeeding and want the lactation specialist to show you the ropes) I had no clue what I was doing with Ty, so we brought ours and the lactation specialist walked me through everything, which was super helpful.  With Elena, I did not bring it at all, because I knew I would just breastfeed, but if I needed the pump, the hospital ones are the Rolls Royce of pumps. 
  7. Toothbrush and your own showering toiletries: Don't forget this... just another thing for the hospital to charge you for if you forget and the hospital toiletries are gross.  There was nothing I wanted more than a nice shower and deodorant after delivery.
  8. Something to calm you: I brought my rosary, but it could be a book, some music, a picture album, whatever makes you feel at ease!
  9. Chap stick: My lips get chapped easily and the air in the hospital can be dry.  If you use it, I would definitely bring it with you. You don't want chapped lips when you're trying to have a baby!
  10. A pillow and blanket for your hubby: We arrived at the hospital for our first baby, Ty, at 11pm.  I was not contracting regularly enough yet so we had a while to sleep in the room.  Poor Justin was on the couch in the delivery room with a tiny little blanket that looked to be the size of a wash cloth!  And the temperature in the room was set low, so he was not comfortable. When we went in for our second, he brought his own pillow and blanket and was much more comfortable. Gotta sleep when ya can!
  11. Your baby's coming home outfit: Picking out what my babies would come home in was so exciting for me! Take into account the time of year and if they will need an extra blanket or layer!
  12. A bath towel: The hospital ones are two by four and paper thin.
  13. Car seat (I like Chicco Keyfit): You can't take baby without it!  If you want, you can take it to the local fire station to be sure it's installed correctly before labor.
  14. Insurance/ hospital paperwork and birth plan (if you have one!)
  15. Nursing bra (if you plan to nurse!): Go for the wireless! I chose to use the nursing camis, which are the most comfortable in the family of nursing clothing.  I would bring two or three with you in case of leaks.
  16. Ponytail holders or headbands to pull your hair out of your face during labor
These are the things that I actually used! I hope you find this helpful! 
Experienced mamas, are there anythings that you brought and used that aren't on my list? Comment below!

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