5 simple changes

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Make my bed daily.
I once read somewhere that making your bed can completely change your day.  Something about it stuck with me and I decided to turn a new leaf over about a year ago and start making my bed in the morning.  There is rarely a day that goes by that I do not make it.  Here's why: if I do not accomplish anything else that day, AT LEAST I made my bed. I started the morning off with  a simple chore that made me feel like I was closing the door on night time and opening the door to the day.  Also, it makes me feel motivated to continue the streak of taking two seconds here and there to get small things done... many small things that all add up to make for BIG things! I also love when I walk into my room (my sanctuary) and feel like it's put together and not a complete hot mess.  Any who doesn't love crawling into a freshly made bed at the end of a long, busy day? I love pulling the blanket back and sliding my legs under the sheets instead of untangling a bunch of them to get cozy. I highly recommend making your bed. Life changing.

Start with 20 minutes of yoga.
Justin and I recently decided that we needed to break the same ole same ole routine we were in and start doing something together everyday.  We decided that getting up before the kids wake up to work out together was a good plan because, let's face it... after kids came, work outs stopped.  We both knew it would be not only good for the body, but good for the soul.  We didn't start with some lofty goal that we would eventually quit, but with a simple start goal of 20 minutes of yoga, stretching, or weight work out.  Since we've started, we've increased this time to 35 minutes with hopes of getting to an hour down the road.  My favorite part and what's made the biggest difference to me is the time we get to spend together and calmly wake up, instead of our old rush to get up and get the crying kids and him out the door for work.  I am so glad we started this together. :)

Drink water before coffee.
Unfortunately I am not a water drinker the way I would like to be.  Honestly, I look at my friends who carry their Nalgene bottles of water around all day and get the recommended 8 glasses easily.  I have never been a big drinker (water, I mean) and Justin has given me a hard time in the past for only filling my glass up halfway.  Old habits die hard.  Usually I would start the day with my coffee, then not even think of water until I would sit down for lunch and, even then, maybe have half a glass.  Since we started our new morning routine, I have started the day with a glass of water before I let myself make my coffee.  It has set me off on the right foot everyday to get more water throughout the day.  I have also noticed less headaches. Hopefully, one day I will be a Nalgene carrier and really get my 8 glasses. Baby steps.

Set one goal a week.
On Sunday nights Justin and I look ahead at our week.  We look at the activities we have with the kids, the expectations for work, the meals we will have, and what the following weekend's plans are.  I've started setting one goal for myself to accomplish sometime during the week that will help me to accomplish some larger goals down the road.  For example, before we decorate the house for Christmas, I have the goal of going through the kids toys. This is something on top of my regular chores, but also something I know I can accomplish and it will make space for our tree (YAY!).  Then I don't have to worry about sorting through old toys after the holidays (and inevitable new toys).

"Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle" Just get started today.
This is something that I am working on, and will probably always be working on.  I have tried my best to take the word "tomorrow" out of my vocabulary.  I have some dreams that I have put off because it's always easier to start tomorrow. Today is as good as tomorrow will ever be and I am done with procrastinating.  I am doing my best to make this change on the way I see life, so that my kids can see that if you want something today is the day to start going for it. More on my dreams and goals another day... just know that this quote (that I recently read in an awesome book) is something that I keep in mind when starting a new adventure now!

What are some small changes you've made that have made a difference for you? 

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