Jam-packed January!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dear Ty,
We've been so busy this month that I haven't had time to write about it! On the very first day of 2014 you and I had our first park trip. We went to the neighborhood park and you swang on the swing, slid down the slide, banged on the bongos. You loved it. Daddy couldn't wait to go back with us.
The most exciting thing or family dating January was buy a new family car! Daddy you and I went shopping for a few days realized we loved the Honda pilot! In only a week we bought the new car and sold Daddy's old car. We are so excited to see all the adventures that we will have his family in our new Pilot!
Aunt Erin had her baby shower this month. You and I got to go celebrate at her parents house! It was a baby book theme. All of the food had a children's book that went along with it. We made a baby Fruitbasket! Everybody loved it. She got so many new things for your soon-to-be cousin. I think she had a great time!
One Saturday this month we were able to go to Marbles kids museum with your friend Owen and his mommy and daddy. We went into the toddler room. It was our first time seeing all the cool things. You loved climbing on the mushrooms and crawling along the floor. I think you'll like this museum as you start to get older too! What a fun Saturday with the family!
Another exciting thing that happened this month was that you experienced your first snow! We had almost the whole week off of school so I was able to spend the whole week with you and play in the snow. You daddy and me went outside and you got to touch the snow and taste it. I'm not sure you are fan yet! We brought a bowl of snow back into makes snowcream. You were so funny because as soon as you touched the snow you started to cry. One day I know it I won't be able to get you to come in from playing in the snow. 
We had such a fun month together! I know that it is getting close to your first birthday. I can't believe how fast this time is flying. February has a few fun things in store and Daddy and I are so excited to spend more time with you.  You're the best. I love you, babaloo!

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