your first Christmas!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear Ty,
Your first Christmas with absolutely perfect. We started Christmas Eve going to Mamang and Papa's house. When we got there, everyone loved yours and Daddy's matching outfits. Everyone thought we were so adorable! Once everybody showered, we went to Christmas Eve mass at Mamang and Papa's new church. It was beautiful. Daddy took you to the back because you were starting to get a little fussy but for the most part you did a fantastic job! After church we went back to Mamang and Papa's house to celebrate and to have dinner. When we got there, you and Elle played together and Papa, Daddy and Uncle Stephen went out to grill the steaks. Mamang made surf and turf with some yummy sides.  We decided that you and Elle would open Christmas presents before dinner because you two would get too sleepy. We gathered in Mamang's living room and all of your aunts gave you presents. It was such a special time because each one chose a gift especially for you! Every single present you opened, you loved. You were so cute because I could tell that you really knew something special was happening!  Las,t Mamang and Papa gave their presents. They gave you a Ball-cano activity toy and a beautiful rocking horse. You and Elle got matching horses. After we opened your presents, we had dinner in the dining room. You enjoyed a lot of the food that we did. Eventually you got very sleepy and we put you to bed. Mommy and Daddy played a game that Mamang picked out. We had to guess Christmas carols and Ninang Mags and Mommy won the game! After we played, it was time to open our presents!  We had so much fun opening gifts from each other and Mamang and Papa spoiled us with mini iPads! Mommy is so excited to use her iPad and you are too. We have already downloaded the Disney Junior app!  I could not believe how fast the night went. It was already time to go home so you could go to bed and Santa could come.  
opening gifts with Elle
As soon as we got home we put you in bed so that Santa could come. The very next morning we woke up and came downstairs to see that he arrived! He even left you a letter telling you how good you've been over the year. He brought you a new chair with your name on it. Also he brought you many gifts in your stocking-- some new bath toys and even some new Gerber puffs!  Mommy and Daddy got you a new train set for around the Christmas tree. You absolutely love watching it go around the tracks. After we opened presents Mommy and Daddy ate breakfast while you watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. You were so exhausted from playing with your new toys, you decided to take a nap while we got ready to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
matching beards from Aunt Caroline
playing with your iPhone from Ninang Markie

your new train from Mommy and Daddy
Santa's gift!

 We got to Grandma and Grandpa's house around 1 PM. When we got there Uncle Frank and Aunt Erin were there and so was Aunt Jennifer and cousin Mason. Aunt Al came very soon after we arrived. It was nice to spend quality time with everyone. After we ate some yummy Shepherd's Pie, we opened our Christmas presents. We decided that we would open presents in the living room. We got so many wonderful gifts. Grandma and Grandpa were so happy to have everybody together to open gifts. You were very spoiled. Aunt Al and Aunt Jennifer gave you a ride on Pooh Bear. Uncle Frank and aunt Erin gave you some new overalls. And Grandma and Grandpa just spoiled you silly with a new train and some other cool toys.  

After we opened presents you decided it was bedtime so you went to sleep while Mommy and Daddy were able to play Phase 10 with your aunts and uncle. We had such a good time and did not want to leave but we had to since Daddy had to work the next day. 

You had the most magical blessed Christmas ever! I am so happy that your first Christmas turned out perfectly!  Happy birthday, baby Jesus! We love you! I am already excited for next year's Christmas with you. I know you'll enjoy it even more!
I love you babaloo!

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