sleigh rides and cider

Monday, December 30, 2013

Dear Ty,
It has been a VERY busy month! We have done so many things to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Earlier this month, Uncle Chip came to NC and everyone came over to our house to spend the day baking Christmas cookies and hanging out! All of your aunts and Mamang (and me) make all types of Christmas cookies-- lemon ricotta, peanut butter buckeyes, oreo balls, almond butter, black bottoms, just to name a few!  It was so much fun being together while you and Elle played.

That night we went to Sleigh Rides and Cider at Historic Oakview Park. When we got there they told us sleigh rides were canceled, but we were still able to go to the petting zoo and it was your second time seeing Santa.  Also, there were some Christmas carolers caroling.  Ninang Di wanted to be in the caroler group!

You and Elle got to take a picture with Santa together and you did NOT like it! We all thought you were so cute, but I know you were really not happy!

It was such a fun memory with your aunts, Uncle Chip, grandparents, and cousin!
I love you babaloo


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