new foods and your first fire!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dear Ty,
This weekend is Veteran's Day weekend and Daddy and I decided to spend some quality family time together since we've been on the move for the past few weeks.  On Saturday, we did some things around the house and I decided it was a good day to start making you homemade food (instead of the Gerber stuff).  I made you sweet potatoes and pumpkin.  You loved both! I think that you are an awesome eater, just like your mommy! I love when you try new foods.  It's the best time too with the holidays right around the corner!  Also on Saturday night Daddy built our first fire of the season. I had you listening to Christmas music all day with me.  You loved dancing around the living room to the Christmas songs.  I really cherish these times and hope that you enjoy being silly with me for a long long time.  It's one of my most favorite things to do with you. Anyway, the weather was perfect for a fire, so Daddy put some fire logs in the fireplace and started the fire.  You loved looking at it, but were much more interested in your bottle.  I bet once you start eating marshmallows, you will LOVE the fire!

Since you are my first baby, I am very surprised by the things I get excited about now.  Since you've started sitting up by yourself, I have been waiting to go to the grocery store with you.  On Sunday we finally went and I put you in the big boy seat in the cart. It was so much fun watching you sit up and look all around.  You are just so curious right now (not to mention CUTEEE)! I was so excited that you were sitting up in the cart that I texted a picture to Daddy (and he loved it too!)
I've had such a fun weekend with you watching you learn, Ty! Next step is SAYING MAMA!! I am just waiting for the moment when you call me! :)
I love you, babaloo!

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