a baptism, a cousin visit, and your 1st halloween

Friday, November 1, 2013

Dear Ty,
We did so much this week and it has flown by! On Sunday, your bestie Abbie was baptized.  You were such a good boy when we went to their church.  All the ladies just loved you!  Abbie was so cute when she was baptized, she cried the whole time, but it was PERFECT!  I'm so glad we were able to be there to celebrate with them!
the beautiful Curtis family
Daddy, Ty, Mr.David, and Abbie
On Monday, we went to the hospital to see your cousin Mason and Aunt Jen.  Mason looks so great! It won't be long before you are able to meet him.  We are raelly hoping that you boys will be able to be together on Thanksgiving this year.  You will love each other!
Mason Francis 
Thursday was your very first Halloween!  Daddy and I have been so excited for Halloween this year because we knew we would get to dress you up and show you off in the neighborhood.  You were a banana, Daddy was grapes, and I was the Chiquita Banana Lady.  It seems like just over night you outgrew the costume, so you did not like it so much.  When it was time to go outside and trick or treat, you ended up being a fireman (which was a much more comfortable option.)  The neighborhood came alive on Thursday with huge groups of kids! This is one of the reasons we love our neighborhood! We even ran out of candy.  I can only imagine how excited you will be next year!  I'm sure you will just run all over the place getting your candy.  I hope that you still remember manners amidst all the excitement.  I just love when the trick-or-treaters say thank you!

my favorite banana

Ty and Abbie

our 1st Halloween
hanging with the neighbors
Chiquita lady and her banana
After a week like ours, I bet you are exhausted!  We have a big Saturday ahead though... hayrides and pig races!  I'll tell you about that later!
I love you, babaloo!

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