Top 10 moments of my 20s

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Today is my last day in my twenties. I am so excited for the next decade, but have so much to be thankful for from the last. These are my top 10 favorite moments of my twenties! 
10.  Celebrating my 20th birthday in Disney World. 
I have the best memories of galavanting around Disney with my birthday tiara on with my friend Danny. We started the day with breakfast with Pooh at the Crystal Palace and made our way through all the parks. It was such a magical birthday! 
10.5  Meeting my furry BFF, Holden.
 When I got home from my 6 month stay in Florida, my parents surprised me with my little buddy. He has been the most loyal, happy, spunky sidekick and has stolen the hearts of all my friends and family. I'm so glad he was there for all of my twenties and now with me as I turn 30!
9. My 21st birthday. 
My 21st birthday was a week long celebration and also marks the day I met Justin! I celebrated with happy hour and margaritas at a Mexican restaurant and then had a special birthday dinner with my friends no parents. Then to top it all off my friends threw me a surprise birthday party. I will never forget the shenanigans from that birthday. My 30 year old self could absolutely not handle that. 
8. Graduation from college! 
It took 5 years to finish, but I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education and celebrated with an amazing meal at Printworks Bistro. It was extra special because all four of my grandparents were there to celebrate with me. 
7. Being offered and accepting me first job. Thank God Felecia Locklear saw something in me and offered me my dream position teaching second grade at Brooks elementary school. The time I spent in room 202 as a teacher changed my life and I made some of my closest friends there. I still miss it!
6. My engagement! 
Justin pulled off the engagement made of magic when he popped the question at the Biltmore House in Asheville. He proposed over dinner on New Years Eve and we celebrated the night away with friends and family at a cozy mountain cabin. Everytime I look at my ring, I reminisce about that night! 
5. Bachelorette Weekend in Holden Beach! 
My sisters spoiled me rotten with their meticulous planning of a weekend that went off without a glitch. Lingerie party, massage and nails, beach time, amazing tapas dinner, and dancing and drinks until sunrise. All of my girlfriends and a party bus to transport us. The most EPIC girls weekend of my life. Hands down. 
4. My summertime wedding. 
Justin and I tied the knot when I was 25 in July 23, 2011. Every detail made me feel like a queen that day from my mom making a brunch spread as my family got ready at their house, to the ride to church with my Daddy, to the gorgeous bright colored dresses and gerber daisy bouquets, to the lake front reception. And to top it all off it kicked off my life with Justin. ❤️ 
3. Honeymooning in Jamaica.
 Justin and I escaped the Jamaica for our honeymoon and everyday we spent there was perfect. Drinking from coconuts, snorkeling in the blue water, Dirty Banana drinks at he swim up bars, and the sunshine all made it a trip that can't be topped. Sandals Whitehouse has my heart and I hope I'm able to go back one day! 
2. Buying our first home.
 Justin and I found the perfect first home complete with the white picket fence and moved in as soon as we could when we returned from our honeymoon. I absolutely love our home and our neighborhood. It's one of the biggest and best decisions we've ever made!
1. The birth of my children. 
Ty and Elena have both changed my life completely and I am so overwhelmed by God blessing me with them. They are the perfect kids for me and make me smile every single day. I couldn't have asked for a better gift during my twenties than my two little nuggets. They are the gift that keeps on giving. 

I truly could probably write 100 more moments that I love from my twenties, but these are my list-toppers. Thank you, twenties for all the good times. Thank you to all the people that have come into my life during those years and changed me for the better. Thank you for every tiny and big dream that you all helped come true for me. I am so grateful and God is so good. Cheers to the decade that made me a grownup (sort of!) and cheers to the decade that I will begin TOMORROW! Eek! ❤️❤️❤️

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