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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I was so inspired by the homily that was shared at church on Sunday. It really hit home because I had been having some struggles with my job as a stay at home mom. I absolutely love the time I have with my kids on the day to day basis, but let's be real. It's not always easy. 

My past week:
A three year old whose energy is too much for his little 30 pound body, chasing my poor dog around the house with anything from a toy golf club to a paper towel roll...flailing his body on the carpet... sliding down muddy hills on his pants... kicking every ball we own down the street... wrestling with his baby sister... wanting to talk, but having nothing to say, which results in nonsense and "Mommy" repeatedly for hours on end... nap time spent blowing whistles and decorating his bedroom walls with sidewalk chalk... climbing the bookshelf... I could go on. And I promise you, he's a really good kid. It just this minor bump in the road. It's almost as if the moment he turned 3, he decided it was time to take on the terrible two's and three's all at once. And IT. EXHAUSTS. ME.

Combine that with a teething one year old, suffering from allergies. This has lead to sleepless nights and lots and lots of Tylenol on hand. This same one year old is also climbing on everything, spilling her milk in various spots throughout the house, and unrolling every roll of toilet paper she can get her hands on. 

Any as if that won't keep me busy, there is a little boy I am growing that makes me want to pee ALL THE TIME and decides that the middle of the night is the best time to keep Mama awake.

Truly, I am not complaining. This is the nature of the beast. And it's just my reality right now. I know that I will miss it all one day and I try my best not to take this day-to-day experiences for granted. I would much rather be living this dream of mine than sending these kiddos off to college any time soon. I adore motherhood, but weeks like last week can wear on any person. 

This has recently been on my mind... I have been thinking about what will my big "CHANGE THE WORLD" moment be in this lifetime while I am so busy changing diapers and chasing kids? What will be my 15 minutes of fame when I can barely choke down a sandwich without having to stop for a potty break?

And in my conversations with God I feel like I have figured at least part of that out. 
These weeks are my "CHANGE THE WORLD" moments. These everyday moments are the times that I get to shape my children's lives by showing them unconditional love, by serving them, by being an example of patience, by modeling kindness, by making it known to them and my husband that this is where I want to with them even when they are running reckless and screaming their heads off. 

I am changing their worlds. And in turn, changing the world through them. I couldn't imagine a more powerful job. I am a huge role in shaping their character, along with the other amazing people that God has/ will place in their lives, and in that role, I am making a mark.  

The message at church this Sunday was about how Jesus very clearly told his disciples how to love him. To love him is to serve others and to love others. This is pretty much what is on the resume of a stay at home mother. (And yes, working mothers, too.) But I know that for me, my job is how I love Jesus. It is my vocation as a full-time mother and wife that allows me ways to love Jesus.  I get a chance every moment to serve other people and to love other people. And in loving Jesus, I get to change the world. 

Thank you, God. For choosing me for this role. I live my dream and in it I get to change the world through these amazing children who've already changed my world.

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