Friday Favorites: Smoothies and Cupcakes edition

Thursday, April 21, 2016

TGIF!! This week was somewhat long for me as my little man drained all my energy, so I am grateful that it is finally Friday! We have a weekend of photo sessions and birthday parties ahead of us, which I am looking forward to!

As for this week's favorites...

ONE: Board Games

Ty is finally at the age that we can play board games with him. This week each night we have played a new game. Currently, we are teaching him Candyland and Paw Patrol Race to the Rescue! At three years old, these games are perfect. They teach him colors, taking turns, and of course sportsmanship!

TWO: DQ Smoothies and Julius Drinks

Yesterday, Ty decided that he would bypass his nap, so to stay sane, I took the kids out for the afternoon. We ended up at Dairy Queen ordering smoothies. I got the Mango Pineapple Smoothie and Ty and Elena shared the Strawberry Banana Julius. I cherish my random dates with my crew. I wish it would last forever!

THREE:  Picnic Lunches

North Carolina has blessed us with a week of sunshine and warmth.  We took advantage of it with mornings at the park and picnic lunches.  I am so grateful for neighbors that stay home also and how easy it is to have lunch together and wear the kids out before naps.

FOUR:  Reunions with old friends

Last Saturday night my girlfriend, Kay came to watch the kids so Justin and I could go to an engagement party for an old friend who's getting married in the Fall. We had such an awesome time being out together without our kids in tote (THANKS, KAY!) and of course, seeing some old friends and reminiscing about old times.  Time flies so fast so the nights that we can sit back and laugh about our early 20's are a perfect way to slow down.

FIVE:  Cupcake Proposals (kind of!)

My sister is getting married in the Spring and on Saturday we asked my other sisters and I to be bridesmaids in the wedding! She made each of us a yummy cupcake the colors of her wedding and wrote us little letters to ask.  Aaaaaand Ty and Elena are the ring bearer and flower girl! Yippy! We are so excited to take part in her special day! Love you, Markie!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend with family and friends and is able to take some time for themselves at some point! April is almost over, which means so are my 20's, so I know I will be savoring each moment!

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  1. The weather has been so nice in Alabama, too, so we've enjoyed lots of outside times! And your sister asked y'all in the cutest way!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. We are board game lovers here, too!! We had to make a "One game out at a time" rule because little man just discovered them as well and wants them all out, all the time. Lol at the DQ to keep your sanity - I do the same thing on no-nap days: Ice Cream or Target ;)