Friday Favorites: St. Patty's edition

Friday, March 18, 2016

It's FRIDAY!!  I'm linking up with  NarciErika and Andrea and sharing some of my favorite things from this St. Patrick's Day! Yesterday was a BIG day in our house and by the end of it, we were rich in gold and covered in GREEN!

ONE: A Naughty Leprechaun Visits!

A naughty little leprechaun came to our house and used the potty in every single toilet. Ty couldn't believe it and wanted to check all the toilets in the house. His excitement about a leprechaun at our house was infectious!

When the kids got their morning milk, they both saw that the little leprechaun also turned it green. No worries,though! It still tasted just as YUMMY!
On our coffee table the leprechaun left some leprechaun rocks for the kids to drop in *magic water*! Even Justin was enthralled by this special delivery! 

TWO: Mommy makes GREEN eggs!

Before dropping the leprechaun rocks into the *magic water*, I had to get in on the action and make GREEN eggs to power through the day. Ty was not amused. HA.

THREE: Leprechaun Rocks!

Time for some leprechaun rock ACTION!
One at a time, Ty dropped his rock and Elena's rock into the water.  They loved watching them FIZZ!
Once the rocks fizzled away, the kids discovered a gold coin in each. AMAZING!

FOUR: Gold Hunt at Pullen Park

After all this excitement, we decided to head to Pullen Park for a gold hunt with our friends.
Ty was so excited when he found gold in the brush and trees!
He and Nathan turned in their gold for LOOT! Ty LOVED his new green whistle... more than Mommy. 
We needed some time to play at the playground. This was Elena's favorite part! She is all about the walking and climbing these days!
Ty was about the rocking and neighing!

FIVE: A Train Ride with my LUCKY CHARMS

What's a trip to Pullen Park on a gorgeous day without a train ride?! Elena thought this was just the cat's meow!
By the time we had our picnic lunch and headed home, we were all worn out! And I was lucky enough for a nap by both kiddos! 

I hope that everyone had some LUCK yesterday and through the weekend! We have some Easter egg hunting on our agenda! TGIF!!

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