Easter Egg Hunting, Nesting, and Sunday Suppers OH MY!

Monday, March 21, 2016

We had such a fun-filled weekend to kick off Easter week! On Saturday morning our cul-de-sac had an Easter egg hunt with all the kids. They just loved hunting for eggs and listening to the Easter story!
 Ty even won the prize for finding the empty Easter egg!
After the egg hunt on our cul-de-sac, we headed to the neighborhood park for a bigger egg hunt and to meet the Easter bunny! I was so shocked how brave Ty was! He walked right up for a picture with the giant bunny! No sweat!
 Elena and Grace loved swinging together.
After our big morning of eggs, bunnies, and food trucks for lunch Justin and I worked on transforming our dining room into a playroom... the first step towards prep for baby number three! I am so excited with how the playroom turned out! Now all of the toys are consolidated to one space and I have some grown up space in my living room again!
On Sunday after Palm Sunday mass, my parents and sister came over for some headshots. Isn't she beautiful?!
Then Frank and Erin came over so that Callan could play with Elena and Ty. These three love hanging out. Ty showed off the new playroom. We ordered some Chinese take out and the kids ate in the playroom. I love easy Sunday nights spent with family!
I'm looking forward to a fun week of Easter prep, playing with friends, and hopefully warm weather again!


  1. Aw!!! We had a festive weekend too! I'm loving the playroom. We converted our dining room to a playroom as well. Our layout is kind of funky so we have our table in the kitchen. It works for this season of life ;)

    1. Yes! I love that... it's for this season of life! :)