Friday Favorites: playing catch up!

Friday, March 11, 2016


Gorgeous weather and mornings at the park!

This past week has been just what I needed... loads of outside time with my toddlers and vitamin d for my soul! Putting on shorts for the first time of the season felt great and having a big ole sweet tea in hand tasted even better! I couldn't be more ready for SPRING!


Bachelor Finale

I have LOVED this season of the bachelor.  My girlfriends and I have been doing viewing parties for seven years and it is one of my most favorite times of the week.  I hate that it's ending next week, but my favorite spread is during the finales! We each pick up our favorite restaurant splurge and have at it during the finale. So as Ben chooses his bachelorette, we will be pigging out on all sorts of indulgences... I will post next week!


CineBistro on Valentine's Day

This year for Valentine's Day, Justin surprised me with tickets to CineBistro. It's a local movie theater that serves amazing food and has giant leather recliners to enjoy in their cinema. Not only did we get the most yummy menu items-- lobster tacos, korean-glazed wings, mediterrean cheese and hummus platter, he got tickets to see The Choice, the new Nicholas Sparks chick flick.  This is SO FAR OUT of what he enjoys, but it was so romantic of him to think of what I would like. Reason 12352213676 I love him! Oh, and on top of all of that.. he lined up the sitter for the kids, PERFECT. EVENING.


Spring Art: Painting Easter Eggs

I have SUCKED at getting myself motivated for crafting with Ty and Elena over the past few weeks. However, we needed something of structure to do during our bout with the stomach bug a few weeks ago. And when I say needed, I was DESPERATE. So out came the paints and color matching skills. Ty loved matching the paint colors on his Easter egg and little Elena loved loving the paint around in her ziploc bag. And it lasted more than 10 minutes...WIN!


Ok, ok, so I am late on this band wagon. Like REALLY late. But to be fair, ever since I had Elena I have been admiring these adorable baby moccasins and dying to get her a pair. Well, for her birthday this year, my best friend got them for her and I just stand take how cute they are on her. And I love how she can't slide them off. Our summer go to! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


  1. OMG!!! The Bachelor!!! I have yet to watch The Women Tell All, always my favorite episode. My husband got hooked this season with all the Olivia drama and now I have been banned from watching without him. Here I am on a Friday and STILL have not seen it!!! I cannot wait to see who he picks.