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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Recently my grandfather has had a few health issues and my dad had to go spend time with him and my grandmother to bring him back to health.  I am so blessed because I still have all four of my grandparents and have grown up very close to all of them.
It has been a scary time lately because my grandfather has been in the hospital, but in all the stress of the situation came this bright story of love that no one in my family had heard, but one that we all needed to hear. 
While my dad sat in the hospital with his brothers and my grandmother trying to keep my Poppop occupied, he learned so much about his own parents that he'd never know before. This is the story of how they met and how my Poppop grew up. IT AMAZES ME and I am so blessed and humbled that he is my Poppop.  

Both of my grandparents grew up poor.  Mom Mom on a farm in Maryland.  Pop Pop in a row house in downtown Baltimore.  His house was about 15 feet wide and 50 feet deep.  The bathroom was outside in the back.  It was basically an outhouse.  His father had a 4th grade education and worked as a bartender and other odd jobs to support the family.  They never had a car. 

Pop Pop dropped out of high school.  He wanted to join the Army, but heard that about 50 men per day were being killed on the front line.  He took an aptitude test and he was given a position in the intelligence unit, so he didn't have to go to the front line. While in the Army, he got his high school degree (GED).  He said, "I got lucky."

After the Army, a friend asked him if he wanted to go with him to apply for a job at the Baltimore Gas and Electric company (BGE).  Pop Pop said, "I don't know anything about gas or electric."  His friend replied, "You know what a light bulb is, right?"  To that Pop Pop replied, "okay, I'll go with you."  Again, he passed the aptitude test and was hired by BGE.  He went to night school while he worked at BGE and got his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Baltimore.  He said, "I got lucky."

Everyday Pop Pop would do the same routine.  He would eat his sandwich and Tasty Cake for lunch and then take a walk before returning to work.  One day, his routine got messed up and he didn't have time for a walk, so he was just sitting on a bench when two girls walked by.  He knew one of them from his neighborhood, so he said hi to her.  She introduced him to her friend, Patsy.  They talked for a while and he went back to work.  A few days later, he saw his neighborhood friend and said he enjoyed talking to Patsy and asked if she enjoyed it, too?  His friend said, "Yes, she did!"  He said it was love at first sight.  Mom Mom was working in a dentist's office.  She was the only person in the office besides the dentist, so she did a little bit of everything.  Again, he said, "I got lucky.  This beautiful girl went on a date with me and I had nothing."
Pop Pop worked his way up at BGE.  At the end of his career of 45 years there, he was in the legal department.  He was not a lawyer, but helped the lawyers with investigations.  People in the company would come to him for advice.  He would tell them that all the guys in the offices are the lawyers and they should really ask them.  But, the people would tell him the everyone says to ask Bernie!

Pop Pop never thought he would reach the age of 65.  He cannot believe he went right past 65 and is now 84!  He has always considered himself to be a very lucky man.  

His humility, thankfulness, and love for Mom Mom are truly inspiring!
I didn't changed much from the story my dad shared with my sisters and I because I thought he told it so eloquently.  I hope that you are as inspired and touched by this story as I was. We are so lucky to have the elderly around us. I hope you learn something new about your family this year from someone in your family!

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  1. How special! I love hearing stories about my gran because she passed away when I was in middle school. I will always cherish those stories!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts