MLK Weekending 2016

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We didn't know how much fun we would have when we woke up on Saturday morning. It was one of those glorious days when we didn't have much planning, but we wound up staying busy having family fun all day long.

We decided to meet Justin's brother and family at Pullen Park so the kids could play and we could all catch up after the holidays. We hadn't seen them since the hustle and bustle of Christmas day.
Callan, Ty, AND little Elena had a great time jumping on all the playground equipment and we have a great time spending time with Frank and Erin.  The boys kicked around a soccer ball and we even rode the train and the boys rode the little bumper boats.  Of course they were the trouble makers that wouldn't sit down! Erin and I just laughed as the ride engineer kept telling the two of them they had to sit. NAUGHTY!!
After we tired the kids out at the park, we headed to the mall to hit the Disney Store (my fave), the Lego Store (Justin's fave), and the inside play area.  We wanted to take the boys to their first hibachi experience so we had time to kill before dinner time.  We were so ready for the boys to watch the chef to cook our dinner for us at the hibachi grill and to do some tricks with food and fire.  They just loved when he made a volcano out of an onion and lit it on fire!
my hot date ;)
We were so exhausted when we got home, we all passed out! On Sunday, we took it easy because Elena's runny nose got worse after the busy day we had Saturday, but on Monday, Justin took the kids to Barnes and Noble while I had a dentist appointment. I love when he gets one on one time with them.  He is such a good Daddy. He treated Ty to a juice box and spent time playing and the train table and reading books.
When we got home and Ty napped, Justin helped my take pictures of Elena for her first birthday invitation.  WHERE HAS TIME GONE?! I cannot believe it's almost time to send invitations for her birthday. I remember taking pictures of Ty for his first birthday! Time really flies when you watch little ones grow! This is just a sneak peek at the pictures we took!
Later that afternoon, he cashed in one of Ty's Christmas gifts and took him to the trampoline park. Meanwhile, I spent time with little Elena grocery shopping and playing at home.  This girl is almost walking now! She's just my little ray of sunshine.  The two boys lasted TWO HOURS! They both jumped their hearts out. Ty could barely make it through dinner before his eyes fell heavy.

Long weekends doing nothing and everything all at the same time are the memories I hope to keep the longest.

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