surviving the cold months as a SAHM

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I am going on my second winter as a stay-at-home mom.  Hind sight is 20-20 and I have seen that light! I know the mistakes I made last year and I am on a mission to make less this year. Let's be real...parenting is an arena where mistakes are a must, so to have a goal of "less mistakes than last time" is realistic.

Last winter, granted I was pregnant, was challenging for me on days where is was just me and my little buddy.  He was almost one year old and into everything. He ran me ragged and we would go stir crazy being stuck inside due to weather.  This year he is TWO and full of energy.  He's a big brother, always busy, very curious, my number one helper, and just like his dad, wants something to always be happening.  At this point Elena is just pleased as a peach to be watching Ty's every move.  As long as I keep Ty happy, I keep Elena happy.

Perhaps I wanted to scratch my educator itch when Back to School rolled around. Perhaps I wanted to prepare for the long cold days indoors. Perhaps I wanted to limit TV time, but keep my sanity in tact.  Whatever the reason, I decided to create a toddler curriculum.  I wanted to do some thematic units to peak his interest in different topics. And so my week-by-week seasonal themes were born...
**See my Pinterest boards for inspiration for activities for each week's themes!

I hope your little ones enjoy these weeks as much as Ty has so far! His favorites have been the Firefighter Week, making the pumpkin-cano, collecting leaves outside, and sorting apples by color.  He loves going to the library to get books and loves when its time to sit on my "yap" and read together.  The best part about these themed weeks is the flexibility and the repetitive vocabulary.  I would say Ty is master on the subjects we've done so far! If you'd like to see the specific activities we are doing each week from my pinboards, comment below and I would be glad to share!
Happy day-before-Friday! :)

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