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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Daddy and I decided that it was time to start telling you the story of our family.  You've made our lives so exciting since you were born six months ago and there is no way we would ever be able to share all of the fun things we've experienced together when you get older because every second is amazing!  So now that you are six months old and have learned how to entertain yourself every now and then (and because you've started going to bed earlier), Mommy has time to tell you some stories from our life. 

Since so much has happened since April 3rd, I want to give you the highlights.  Here are all your firsts so far:
  • leaving the hospital: April 5
  • big boy bath: April 25
  • meeting cousin Elle: May 18
  • sleeping in your crib: May 18
  • smile: May 25 (one of my most favorite days ever!)
  • visit to the driving range: May 25
  • lifting head: May 31
  • beach trip: June 1
  • your baptism: June 16
  • baby food: August 25
Thank you so much for being the most amazing blessing Daddy and I have ever had.... never forget that you are our little babaloo. We love you!

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