celebrating fall and family

Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Ty,
This weekend we were so lucky to celebrate your very first Fall with friends and family at our house. Daddy and I have always loved this season- the cool air, the smells, the color change of the leaves, the food, and of course the football but this year is more special than any other. It's the first time we can share this time with you and introduce you to all the fun fall happenings. On Saturday as friends came over to celebrate the season you wore your Halloween outfit and were such a great host. I'm learning how social you are (just like mommy and daddy!)You were passed around because everyone wanted to hold you and you didn't cry once.. you even did some snuggling!

The best part of the night came when Uncle Frank and Aunt Erin came to tell us if your soon-to-be baby cousin would be a boy or a girl.  Daddy and I got to pop a black balloon to see if blue or pink confetti came out... BLUE!!! Mommy was SO happy that your new cousin would be a boy.  I can only imagine now how close you, Mason, and Uncle Frank and Aunt Erin's baby will be.  I'm pretty sure you three boys will be the 3 amigos.  I'm very excited to see what the future at Grandma and Grandpa holds for our growing family!

What a wonderful weekend, our little babaloo!
We love you!

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