Schnugget #3 Update: 22 Weeks

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Well I am more than halfway through my pregnancy with this baby boy and it's the first time I have sat down and done an update!

It might be because this pregnancy is just flying by. I feel like we just found out we were pregnant, but we are almost to the third trimester... unreal!

I just love the second trimester. I have been feeling great and the nausea is completely gone. By the time Ty and Elena go to bed though, I am also ready for bed.  Sleep, however is getting much more difficult. I typically wake up around 2 am and have a hard time falling back asleep. PLEASE GOD let me sleep a little before baby boy is here! :)

My latest craving has been potato chips.  I love the salty crunchy snacks and it is so bad!!

At our last check-up I found out I have gained a total of 15 pounds now, which is up 5 pounds in the last four weeks.  I anticipated a weight gain. My weight spiked around this time with Ty and Elena.

All is well... this child is definitely a boy and is measuring up perfectly with his due date (August 27).  I am feeling him more and more everyday, but it is still rare that I feel him move from the outside, so Justin hasn't felt him yet.

We are starting to make progress on the house work before baby. I joke that Justin has started nesting before me, but really it's no joke. He is the one that wants to go ahead and get things all set. So we've chosen our paint for the nursery and even set up the second crib in the room that Ty and Elena will share.  Our playroom is all set up downstairs and we are knocking things off that dreaded to do list!

I have started to really pop now. I can tell that I am 100% in maternity clothes if I hope to be comfortable at all! And I love that I'm not too big that I am waddling yet.

As we get closer and closer I am getting more excited to meet this little one... but I would love to choose a name at some point! Hopefully we will have a name by the next update!
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