Friday Favorites: Rainy Weeks and Super Doubles

Friday, April 15, 2016

ONE: Afternoon Movies on a Rainy Day

April showers bring May flowers... and some long afternoons for a stay at home mama! But lucky for me we have bunches of new movies to watch and two cozy anywhere chairs to snuggle in. I love seeing Ty and Elena sit next to each other on a rainy afternoon with no care in the world. Life is good.

TWO: Strawberry Picking

Tis the season for strawberries. I've found in the past few weeks that this is one of Elena's favorite foods. She seriously scarfs these berries down and is left with nothing but a sweet stained face.  The local farm (and I'm talking 3 minutes from our house) is open for business and the kids love getting in the strawberry patch to eat pick strawberries! I'm lucky to have friends that love to make and share strawberry-happy recipes too... strawberries and pound cake, strawberry cheesecake, strawberry preserves, dried strawberries, and good ole strawberries with whipped cream. I foresee lots of visits to the farm in our near future!

THREE: Harris Teeter Super Doubles

Stocking up on my snacks and household items and restocking my stockpile when super doubles rolls around makes me giddy. Who doesn't love buying it all at a fraction of the price?! Not my shelves are filled with goodness for the next few months! Thanks, Teeter!

FOUR: Aquaphor

Image result for aquaphor
Seriously. Have y'all fallen in love with Aquaphor the way that I have? My love affair all started when we first had Ty. This stuff is a life saver when it comes to diaper rashes and dry skin.  I have found lately that it is just as good on me as the kids. Poor Ty gets super chapped cheeks, especially this time of year and a little Aquaphor completely heals his cute little face. I've also been using it on my eczema, which helps with all the itchiness! I. LOVE. AQUAPHOR.

FIVE: Weeknight Hikes

I have had one of those #goals moments this week with my hubs. He gets home from work early on Wednesday night only to tell me he is taking, not one, but both kids on a hike at the park so I can have a quiet evening. Not only are they hiking, but he preps Ty will a backpack full of juiceboxes and cheese slices (Ty's fave) and gets Elena geared up in the carrier.  I love this for the kids because it is an area I COMPLETELY lack in... I am not as outdoorsy as I'd like to be, but I'm working on it. And I love this for myself for obvious reasons.
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  1. Aw! The pic of your kiddos eating strawberries is too cute! I use an Aquafor SPF face moisturizer, and I really love it! I shared a link below in case you are interested. I will have to keep their other products in mind for future kiddos! :)

  2. Those strawberry picking pictures are precious-- what sweet memories you're making with your children :) Liz @