Year Two with Ty

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My baby, Ty turns THREE on Sunday. I cannot believe how fast time is flying with my guy. We had another amazing year with him while he has been TWO YEARS OLD. He has totally adjusted to having a little sister and is full of personality. Every day gets better with him. Here are some of my favorite memories with him from the past year!
Elena's baptism
Elle's birthday
Mason's birthday
Pro Co date
Beach Trip 2015
Page Farm
Hill Ridge Farm
Halloween 2015
Our last trip to Holden Beach
Thanksgiving 2015
Lassiter Mill Park
Christmas 2015
Bowling in Baltmore
Asheville 2015
Snow Storm 2016
Valentine's Party
celebrating Elena's 1st birthday
St. Patrick's Day
Easter Egg Hunt
I couldn't be more grateful for Ty. He is everything I never knew I wish I had in my life and the world is better everyday with him in it! He is destined for great things. His giant heart and bright smile are some of his best qualities.  I am so pumped to celebrate Ty all weekend long as he turns the big bad THREE YEARS OLD! (How in the heck did that happen?!)

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