New Year in the Mountains

Monday, January 11, 2016

It's been weeks since I've had this me time to catch up on the blog and IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK!  We had the craziest holiday this year as we traveled all over for Christmas and New Years. When we got home from our trip to the NC Mountains to celebrate 2016 with friends, and it sure does felt good to be home and I took last week to get our kids and life back into some sort of routine! Traveling with two kiddos under two really is no vacation, but the memories we are making with them are worth the hours in the car with Curious George DVD's, fast food bags, crumbs in every crevice of both car seats, and turning around every 3 minutes to adjust someone.
Justin and I have been going to the mountains for New Years Eve for 5 years now.  On our first trip to stay in a cabin with some friends, Justin had planned to take me to the Biltmore Estate to tour the Christmas lights, do a wine tasting, have dinner, and- my most favorite part- PROPOSE! Needless to say, it's a very special tradition for us. I am 100% a beach bum, but there is something we just love about the mountains in the winter.  I love driving up the windy roads at a massive incline to a cabin with an amazing view and a porch with chairs for rocking. The cool air and a fire pit make it feel like New Years Eve to me. 
When we had kids, we decided to take a break to get our bearings, but this year we couldn't resist the chance to get up there for NYE.  I am so glad we did because Ty LOVED it! We got there just in time to make it to the cabin before the sun set on NYE.  We decided to venture out once for lunch on New Years Day. We went to Lake Lure, which is a beautiful lake in the middle of the mountains. Other than that adventure out, we stayed at the cabin and played games, watched movies, enjoyed fire pits and s'mores, and sat on the porch soaking in the gorgeous mountain view.  How I wish I could be back there now. There's no place like home, but the mountains aren't a bad place to visit!
the three kiddos
our home for the weekend
building a fire with Daddy
hammock swinging
all set for s'mores!
toddler smiles crack me up
our set up for the weekend
loving the s'mores he made
i love this sticky marshmallow face
the view from the cabin porch
I hope everyone has a very happy Monday! Looks like snow might visit us this week! I hope we get a snow day or two! 

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