weekend recap

Monday, November 30, 2015

And so the Thanksgiving festivities continued...
Friday morning was a gorgeous morning for a photo session. I met a beautiful family at the local park and had a blast taking pictures of them. Emilie, the little girl is a natural. She needs to be a model.:)
When I got home Justin was busy getting the Christmas lights ready to hang outside. This year he wants to do even more now that Ty is older. On Friday he came home with a Star Shower Laser Light that he wants to shine on top of the icicle lights on the house and lights on the bushes. With all this, he didn't finish putting them up before we had to leave for Thanksgiving #2 at Frank and Erin's house.
We had such an awesome time having dinner with them and Erin's mom.  It's the first time we've had the Soukup Thanksgiving and everything was delicious.  After dinner the boys had a blast having flashlight fights in the dark living room with the monster (Uncle Frank).  These are the memories that I am so happy my kids will have with their cousins.
Elena's homemade turkey bow
On Saturday we woke up with intentions of going to Justin's parents' house, but Ty and Elena are battling the ends of a cold and we did not want to pass anything to the rest of the family. We continued our decorating in our house.
i couldn't resist a pic of E with this cute hat on while we decorated!
I just had to finish putting out the Christmas village. I started doing a village because my father in law passed down some of the houses and we wanted to continue his tradition. Also, I thought it would be fun for our kids to see tiny houses on the ledge every time they come down the stairs. Ty loves it. Every morning he says, "Look!! Mommy!!"
On Sunday afternoon, I had a photo session at a local historical park. Justin brought the kids to hike around while I worked. It was the coolest spot-- a small hidden gem in Raleigh with a waterfall and beautiful landscape.  I LOVED shooting pictures there and the kids loved playing. It was a nice break from all the Christmas decorating that we'd been doing ALL weekend.

I cannot believe this little Thanksgiving vacation is over. It's such a quick tease before Christmas vacation, but definitely one that we needed and appreciated. Only a few more weeks until Santa comes down the chimney and Jesus is born! Now if I can just get my Christmas cards addressed...


  1. We wanted to get those star shower lights after seeing our neighbors have them, but decided the ones that we already bought this year would make do. Next year though, next year!

    1. I have to admit, I was not a fan when he first brought it home, but once it was all set up I LOVED IT!