"Oh, Great Pumpkin, where are you?"

Monday, October 26, 2015

This week marks Ty's third Halloween and Elena's first! We have done gobs of Fall activities leading up to the big day.  I am SO excited that it falls on a Saturday this year.
We've been busy gathering our pumpkins from the local pumpkin patches for the past two weekends.  In fact, Ty's favorite phrase is "Pumpkin patch on Saturday!" Not sure he has a clue what he's talking about, but he gets a big ole grin on his face when he says it, so I'll take it.
Since Ty's first Halloween, we've gone to the pumpkin patch with our good friends, who have a little girl Ty's age (his future wife, ha!)
This year they had a blast running through hay mazes, riding on tire horses, and choosing the perfect pumpkins to cut straight off the vine. Elena stayed busy watching their every move, waiting for her turn to join them next year....
pumping water for duck races

my sweet hubby doing IT ALL

It is so hard to believe that last year when we visited this farm I was pregnant with Miss E and we just found out she was a girl. Time is just speeding passed us.
Last Saturday, we did our second pumpkin patch run at Hill Ridge Farm.  We've also done this for a few years now.  Every year gets better and better as our kids get older.  
This year Ty had two buddies to run with, his god sister, Grace, and cousin, Callan.  I'm not sure if the girls and I had more fun watching them or their daddies playing around the farm! After a few hours of jumping off haystacks, making corn angels, sliding down on a potato sack, and choosing a pumpkin, these kids were WORN OUT!

i adore this picture!

at this point Ty was OVER IT ALL.

these two pumpkins :)
We got a lot of practice deciding which pumpkins were "gross and broken" and which were worth taking home!
After a big morning out I got to have my fun with a pumpkin and glass of red... (yes, I am that mom that makes her babies get in pumpkins...sorry, not sorry)
i just think this is too cute.. 

i love a good side-by-side of my babies.  somewhere between this...

...i got this. i will take it!
We have started the countdown now.  We've got some fun things planned between now and Saturday. Life is so much fun with two sweet kiddos who love this season as much as their mama. 

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